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We provide the best stove & fire installation in the North East, our customers are guided every step of the way through the whole sales/installation process.

From the moment our customers step into our showroom, we make it a priority to listen to their specific needs and preferences. We take this information and customise our offerings accordingly. To ensure safety and correctness, we provide a free, no-obligation estimate by visiting the customer's site. During this visit, we not only discuss the process of installing the stove or fire but also conduct a thorough risk assessment for each installation. This approach not only demonstrates our professional integrity but also provides peace of mind to our customers.

Once our estimate is accepted, we schedule a convenient date for the installation of the stove or fire. On the appointed day, our team of fully qualified engineers arrives on-site and introduces themselves to the customer. They once again go over the installation procedures to ensure that the customer remains confident and assured throughout the entire process. Our engineers then proceed with the work in an organised manner, taking necessary precautions to protect furnishings and flooring before any construction begins.

Typically, the installation of a stove or inglenook takes around 2 to 3 days, depending on the complexity of the project. We carefully remove any existing fireplace, giving the customer the choice to keep it or have us dispose of it. Afterward, we carry out the necessary building works to create the inglenook with the desired opening size. The interior and hearth type of the inglenook have already been agreed upon during the sales process.

To ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, we use either a cherry picker or scaffolding to safely work at heights when installing the flexible flue liner down the existing chimney. The flue liner is terminated at the top of the chimney pot with a suspension cowl, which supports its weight. Once the internal building works are completed, we can proceed to install the stove using the new flue liner kit. If required, we also install a carbon monoxide detector before commissioning the stove.

During the commissioning process, we not only test the performance of the stove but also demonstrate its operation to the customer. This ensures that they are completely satisfied and familiar with how the stove works. Upon finishing the installation, our engineers make sure to leave the site clean and tidy. We also arrange for the removal of the cherry picker or dismantle the scaffolding, as needed.

Afterward, our showroom contacts the customers to ensure their complete satisfaction with the installation. We address any questions or concerns they may have at that point. Additionally, we offer installation services for gas fires and fireplaces, following the same process mentioned above. We take pride in providing the most professional installations to our customers, and the positive feedback and testimonials we receive time and time again reassure us that we are on the right track.

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